Puncture Repair

Punctures plus Run Flat Tyres & M.O.E (Mercedes-Benz vehicles)

Bridgestone Wanaka Puncture repairs

If you do get a puncture bring it in and our team of technicians will evaluate if it can be fixed in a safe and professional manner in line with safety standards (NZ Standard 5423) and have you back on the road in no time.

So if you notice your tyre is looking a bit flat, pull over, replace it with your spare and bring it on in for us to check out.

Driving on a flat tyre doesn’t only compromise your safety, but increases the chance of having to fully replace the tyre.

Run Flat Tyres

That Help Maintain Vehicle Mobility… Even After Being Punctured

If you’ve ever been late for a date, appointment, or meeting because of a flat tyre, you already know how frustrating it can be. If you’ve ever changed a flat tyre in the rain, after dark, or on the shoulder of a busy highway, you already know how frightening it can be. So while we enjoy the freedom our vehicles provide, it’s amazing how quickly that freedom vanishes when a flat tyre strands us.

Since the early development of the automobile, tyres have played an important role in determining a vehicle’s overall comfort and safety. However, there are few consumer products placed in harm’s way more often than our tyres, which encounter extremes in temperature, exposure to the elements, and attacks by debris on the road during their life. And while the tyre manufacturers’ continuous research and development efforts have improved tyre durability and longevity, only recently have they developed tyres that can temporarily maintain vehicle mobility using standard Original Equipment and aftermarket wheels. These run-flat tyres provide the driver more flexibility when deciding where to have tyre repairs made.

MO Extended or M.O.E

Tyres branded with MO Extended or MOE on their sidewalls identify them as being specifically tuned for Mercedes-Benz vehicles. The Extended portion of the name identifies they feature run-flat-like tyre characteristics by offering temporary extended mobility. However, since they don’t meet all of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) run-flat tyre operating limits under all permitted vehicle loads, they cannot be branded as run-flat tyres.

Mercedes-Benz vehicles traditionally provide high levels of comfort, which makes it challenging for chassis engineers to add traditional run-flat tyres without experiencing some sacrifices in ride comfort.