The Bridgestone Ecopia range can save you fuel without compromising on safety or comfort.

Fuel Saver Tyres

Bridgestone Ecopia Fuel Efficient Tyres – Save Fuel & Money

Bridgestone Ecopia Fuel Efficient Tyres

Using our global research capabilities and cutting edge technology, we have created a lower rolling resistance tyre – without compromising on the quality and safety that Bridgestone is renowned for. Put simply, rolling resistance is the force required to roll a tyre. Lower rolling resistance means less fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions.

Bridgestone Approved

Fuel savings of up to 5.7%

Independent testing to the ADR 81/02 test standard demonstrated Ecopia EP100 delivers a fuel saving of 5.7% compared to a conventional tyre.
At a fuel price of $1.80 per litre, this saving equates to a 10 cent per litre fuel discount voucher in your pocket every time you fill up!

Fuel saving tyres – Bridgestone Ecopia

Lower rolling resistance enables Ecopia tyres to roll 42% further than conventional tyres.
Bridgestone Ecopia compound features state-of-the-art reinforcement particle technology which reduces heat buildup and in turn reduces rolling resistance.

The Ecopia Fuel-Saving Car Tyre Range:
• Bridgestone Ecopia EP300
• Bridgestone Ecopia EP150
• Bridgestone Ecopia EP850
• Firestone F01